Controlling Sea Lamprey Collaboratively

Sea Lamprey Control Board (SLCB)

The SLCB assists the commission in developing and implementing strategies, policies, and programs related to control of sea lamprey. The SLCB comprises officials from federal, state, provincial and tribal fishery agencies along with invited non-governmental experts. The SLCB contains several task forces to advise about specific elements of the control program:

Barrier Task Force (BTF)

The BTF works to coordinate efforts to construct, operate, and maintain sea lamprey barriers that block access of adult sea lamprey to upstream habitats suitable for sea lamprey reproduction and recruitment of parasitic juveniles to the lakes.

Lampricide Control Task Force (LCTF)

The LCTF works to maximize the number of sea lamprey larvae killed during lampricide treatments while minimizing the costs and impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

Larval Assessment Task Force (LATF)

The LATF works to direct the application of lampricides to maximize the number of sea lamprey larvae killed during a treatment and evaluate the success of lampricide treatments through post-treatment larval assessment.

Trapping Task Force (TTF)

The TTF works to apply efficient trapping techniques for assessing adult sea lamprey populations as a measure of overall program success and develop effective trapping techniques that directly remove parasitic juveniles from the lakes and that remove adults from the spawning population of select streams thereby reducing reproduction and subsequent recruitment of parasitic juveniles to the lakes.

Budget Integration Group (BIG)

The BIG works to integrate proposed budgets from the task forces and coordinates certain projects outside the realm of the task forces.