2024 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Michigan Committee

  1. Lake trout restoration in Lake Michigan and working group report (Laura Schmidt, WDNR)
  2. Salmonid working group report (Ben Turschak, MDNR)
  3. Lake Michigan mass marking report (Matthew Kornis, USFWS)
  4. Sea lamprey control Lake Michigan 2023 (Jenna Tews, USFWS)
  5. Recent trends for Lake Michigan lower trophic levels (Steve Pothoven, NOAA)
  6. PIT tag arrays for lake sturgeon – streamside rearing effectiveness (Corey Jerome, Little River Band of Ottawa Indians)
  7. Ecosystem observations using autonomous underwater vehicles: towards winter, under ice physical, chemical, and biological measurements (Steve Ruberg, NOAA)
  8. Whole-lake indexing of round goby abundances in Lake Michigan with GobyBot (Peter Esselman, USGS).
  9. Do fish avoid research vessels in the Great Lakes?: Using quiet saildrones to look for bias (Tom Evans, Cornell University)
  10. Remote underwater video surveys – bringing new technologies into the Great Lakes (Chris Hessell, Grand Traverse Band and Christina VanDoornik, Little River Band)
  11. Acoustic telemetry – overview of projects and the new devices/technologies for telemetry studies (Chris Vandergoot, Michigan State University)
  12. Lake Michigan lake whitefish movement (Darryl Hondorp, USGS)
  13. New technology and modeling reveal upwelling effects on alewife larvae production and distribution in Lake Michigan (Ed Rutherford, NOAA)
  14. Lake Michigan prey fish report (Dave Warner, USGS)

Lake Superior Committee

  1. Fond du Lac Lake Superior program, inaugural year (Eric Torvinen, Fond du Lac Band)
  2. Lake Superior basin fisheries habitat management (Paul Piszczek, WDNR)
  3. Why all the little ciscoes in 2023? (Mark Vinson, USGS)
  4. Using autonomous vehicles to examine potential bias in forage fish acoustic surveys (Hannah Blair, Cornell University)
  5. Vertical distribution of Lake Superior cisco (coregonus artedi) spawning aggregations and implications for evaluating management benchmarks (Jeremiah Shrovnal, WDNR)
  6. The diversity of Lake Superior ciscoes (Owen Gorman, USGS)
  7. Protected areas and lake whitefish in the Apostle Islands (Dray Carl, WDNR)
  8. Status of lake whitefish in the Apostle Islands region, WI (Mike Seider, USFWS)
  9. Contaminant tracers in Lake Superior lake char (Noel Urban, Michigan Tech University)
  10. Trophic ecology of juvenile lean and siscowet lake char in Lake Superior: assessing for potential competition (Shawn Sitar, MDNR)
  11. Western arm walleye: A summary of recent observations (Dray Carl, WDNR)
  12. Monterey Bay Aquarium Lake Superior fisheries sustainability report (Coralie D’Lima Smith, Monterey Bay Aquarium)
  13. Status of sea lamprey in Lake Superior 2023 (Ryan Booth, DFO)

Lake Huron Committee

  1. Lake Huron committee introduction
  2. Status of lower trophic levels in Lake Huron (Lars Rudstam, Cornell University)
  3. Investigating lake whitefish recruitment constraints in the first year of life: A 2022 Lake Huron CSMI update (Cory Brant, USGS)
  4. Salmonine (salmon and trout) fish community objective report (Scott Koproski, USFWS)
  5. Percid fish community objective report (Dave Fielder, MDNR and Chris Davis, OMNRF)
  6. Nearshore fish community objective report (Arunas Liskauskas, OMNRF and Mike Rucinski, USFWS)
  7. Coregonine fish community objective report (Jose Bonilla-Gomez, USFWS)
  8. Lake sturgeon fish community objective report (Justin Chiotti, USFWS)
  9. Lake Huron prey fish community objective report (Darryl Hondorp, USGS)
  10. Lake Huron sea lamprey report (Gale Bravener, DFO)
  11. Species diversity fish community objective report (Mike Rucinski, USFWS)
  12. Recent and future habitat restoration in Lake Huron (Scott Koenigbauer, Purdue University and Ryan Darnton, NOAA)
  13. Saginaw Bay walleye & yellow perch assessment and future management (Dave Fielder and Jeff Jolley, MDNR)
  14. St. Marys River fish community assessment and creel survey (Lisa O’Connor, DFO)
  15. USFWS AIS surveillance in Lake Huron (Mike Rucinski, USFWS)
  16. St. Marys River larval fish assessment survey (Robin DeBruyne, USGS)
  17. An introduction to Saugeen Ojibway Nation fisheries and research (Ryan Lauzon, Saugeen-Ojibway Nation)
  18. Lake Huron cisco restoration effort (Jose Bonilla-Gomez, USFWS)
  19. Effects of ecosystem changes on lake whitefish in Lake Huron (Erin Dunlop, OMNRF)
  20. Lake Huron dreissenid mussels: Saginaw Bay and Thunder Bay abundances and lake-wide body condition (Ashley Elgin, NOAA)
  21. Reconstructing half a century of lake whitefish and cisco recruitment dynamics across the Great Lakes (Taylor Brown, Cornell University)
  22. The state of Lake Huron 2018-2022 (Lake Huron Committee)

Common Session

  1. LAW committee-organisms in trade: short case studies (Brandon Fehrenbacher, ILDNR, Ron Beirnes, DFO and Bob Stroess, WDNR)
  2. Science transfer: Bridging the “knowledge-action” gap (Julie Hinderer, GLFC)
  3. Great Lakes stocking database: Continuing to answer fisheries questions through a science transfer project (Ted Treska, GLFC)
  4. Lake Erie walleye telemetry tool (Travis Hartman, ODNR)
  5. Improving environmental DNA (eDNA) reliability for resource management (Chris Wilson, OMNRF, Paige Breault, University of Windsor, and Jeff Tyson, GLFC)
  6. FishPath: the application of a stakeholder engagement process in the Laurentian Great Lakes (Alex Maguffee, Michigan State University)
  7. Informal science transfer example: State of the Lake reporting dashboard (Andy Todd, MNRF and Brad Eggold, WDNR)
  8. Panel discussion: Perspectives on science transfer (Panelists: Andy Todd, Travis Hartman, Brad Eggold, Tom Gorenflo, Erin Dunlop; Moderator: Julie Hinderer)
  9. Science transfer: Ongoing challenges and opportunities (Julie Hinderer, GLFC)

Lake Ontario Committee

  1. Opening remarks and introductions (Andy Todd, OMNRF)
  2. Fish community report card summary (Mike Yuille, OMNRF AND Mike Connerton, NYSDEC)
  3. Lake Ontario August gillnet survey and lake trout assessment, 2023 (Brian O’Malley, USGS)
  4. Steps to address impediments to lake trout restoration (Alex Gatch and Lucas LeTarte, USGS)
  5. Status of coregonines (Sarah Beech, OMNRF) https://youtu.be/mabwsTCdvKI
  6. Habitat assessment: coregonine (Brian Weidel, USGS)
  7. Status of Atlantic salmon (Mike Yuille, OMNRF)
  8. Sea lamprey control 2023: Lake Ontario (Bruce Morrison, DFO)
  9. Nearshore fish community status report (Jessica Goretzke, NYSDEC and Sarah Beech, OMNRF)
  10. Lower foodweb monitoring in Lake Ontario (Jim Watkins, Cornell University)
  11. Lake Ontario preyfish reports and 2023 survey results (Brian O’Malley, USGS)
  12. 2023 Salmon and trout assessment in Lake Ontario (Mike Connerton, NYSDEC)
  13. LOC: Towards a stocking decision framework (Andy Todd, OMNRF)
  14. Closing thoughts (Chris Legard, NYSDEC)

Lake Erie Committee

  1. Opening remarks and introductions (Dave Nihart, PFBC)
  2. Walleye task group 2023 report (Matthew Faust, ODNR)
  3. Status of yellow perch stocks (Sara Thomas, MDNR)
  4. Opening remarks and introductions (Dave Nihart, PFBC)
  5. 2024 TAC announcement (Dave Nihart, PFBC)
  6. STC update (Mark Haffley, PFBC)
  7. Status of Lake Erie’s coldwater fish community (Mark Haffley, PFBC) https://youtu.be/evxzvNCTOgE
  8. Sea lamprey control in Lake Erie 2023/2024 (Lexi Sumner, DFO)
  9. Status of forage fish in Lake Erie (Zak Slagle, ODNR)
  10. Habitat task group (Cleyo Harris, MDNR)
  11. Lake trout status in Lake Erie (Pascal Wilkins, NYSDEC)
  12. Surveillance efforts for novel aquatic invasive species in the Lake Erie basin (Kristen Towne, USFWS)
  13. Exploring movement of mooneyes in the St. Clair-Detroit river system (Todd Wills, MDNR)
  14. Lake Erie committee session wrap-up and closing remarks (Dave Nihart, PFBC)