2021 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - John Dettmers (GLFC)
  2. Two years of highlights: The LMC and LMTC - Vic Santucci (Illinois DNR)
  3. Lake Michigan fall bottom trawl update - Ralph Tingley (USGS)
  4. Whole-lake indexing of round goby abundances with photographic catch data - Peter Esselman (USGS)
  5. Salmonid Working Group and predator prey updates - Nick Legler (WDNR)
  6. Predatory fish diets in Lakes Michigan and Huron, 2017-2019 - Brian Roth (MSU)
  7. Sea lamprey control in Lake Michigan 2020 - Aaron Jubar (USFWS)
  8. Spawning site selection by lake trout and lake whitefish on Good Harbor Reef: reef restoration and dreissenid mussel removal - Ben Turschak (MDNR)
  9. Lake Michigan lake trout rehabilitation strategy review: a brief summary - Chuck Madenjian (USGS)
  10. Update on lake whitefish and walleye telemetry in and around Green Bay - Dan Isermann (University of Wisconsin - Steven’s Point)
  11. Summary of Lake Trout Strains in Lake Michigan - Jory Jonas (Michigan DNR)
  12. Current Status of Lake Michigan Yellow Perch, Walleye, and Other Inshore Fishes - Dave Clapp (Michigan DNR)
  13. Steelhead Otolith Microchemistry and Mixed-Stock Analysis - Kevin Pangle (CMU)
  14. Post-Release Movement of Coded-Wire Tagged Lake Trout in Lake Michigan - Matt Kornis (USFWS)

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - John Dettmers (GLFC) and Seth Moore (GPBLSC)
  2. Lean and siscowet lake trout trends - Shawn Sitar (MIDNR)
  3. Summer survey lake trout trends - Dray Carl (WDNR)
  4. Sea lamprey update - Mike Steeves (DFO)
  5. Brook trout genetics - Nadya Mamoozadeh (MSU)
  6. Spatial assessment of pygmy whitefish, kiyi, and deepwater sculpin - Adam van der Lee (DFO)
  7. Black Bay walleye movement - Kyle Stratton (OMNRF)
  8. Waishkey Bay carp movement - Frank Zomer (BMIC)
  9. Bloater barotrauma - Owen Gorman (USGS)
  10. Lake Superior Committee session wrap-up and closing remarks

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - John Dettmers (GLFC)
  2. Offshore forage fish update - Tim O’Brien (USGS)
  3. Cisco stocking and evaluation in Lake Huron - Kevin McDonnell (USFWS)
  4. Lake whitefish recruitment in Lake Huron - Erin Dunlop (OMNRF)
  5. Sea Lamprey Control update - Shawn Nowicki (USFWS)
  6. Historic stocking and current strain composition of lake trout in Lake Huron - Dave Gonder (OMNRF)
  7. Lake trout mortality and year class strength in Lake Huron - Ji He (MDNR)
  8. Telemetry effort in Lake Huron - Chris Davis (OMNRF)
  9. St. Mary’s River Fisheries Task Group update - Neal Godby (MDNR)
  10. Aquatic Invasive species update - Anjanette Bowen (USFWS)
  11. Sturgeon Objective: Saginaw Bay Sturgeon Restoration - Justin Chiotti (USFWS)

Lake Ontario Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - GLFC and LOC
  2. Lake Ontario prey fish science: the role of procedures and productivity - Brian Weidel (USGS)
  3. Old and new techniques for predator monitoring in a changing ecosystem - Michael Connerton (NYSDEC)
  4. Coregonines across space: a collaborative, lake-wide approach to monitoring cisco and lake whitefish spawning populations and habitats - Taylor Brown (Cornell University)
  5. Changes to the bass season in Ontario waters of Lake Ontario - Bruce Tufts (Queen’s University)
  6. Using telemetry to understand fish movements and contribute to management in Lake Ontario - Aaron Fisk (University of Windsor)
  7. Lake Ontario Committee session wrap-up and closing remarks

Lake Erie Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - John Dettmers (GLFC) and Travis Hartman (ODNR)
  2. STC update: YPMP and SOLE - Eric Weimer (ODNR)
  3. Walleye Task Group - Matt Faust (ODNR)
  4. Yellow Perch Task Group - Mike Hosack (PFBC)
  5. TAC announcement - Travis Hartman (ODNR)
  6. Habitat Task Group - Stephen Marklevitz (OMNRF)
  7. Coldwater Task Group - Tom MacDougall (OMNRF)
  8. Sea lamprey control in Lake Erie - Chris Eilers (USFWS)
  9. Forage Task Group: status of forage fish and lower trophic indicators - Zak Slagle (ODNR)
  10. Lake St. Clair Collaborative fisheries assessment update - Andrew Briggs (MIDNR)
  11. Lake whitefish movement - Richard Kraus (USGS)
  12. Muskellunge movement - Jan Michael Hessenauer (MIDNR)
  13. Lake trout movement - James Markham (NYDEC)
  14. Smallmouth bass post-tournament movement - Zak Slagle (ODNR)
  15. Lake sturgeon restoration - Justin Chiotti (USFWS)
  16. Lake Sturgeon HSI Project - OMNRF
  17. Walleye movement - Graham Raby (Trent University)
  18. The H2Ohio Initiative - Janice Kerns (ODNR)
  19. Yellow perch diet shift - Joe Schmitt (USGS)
  20. Mixed stock analysis of East Basin walleye - Peter Euclide (University of Wisconsin - Steven’s Point)
  21. Grass carp removal and research - Christine Mayer (University of Toledo)
  22. Sandusky River seasonal barrier feasibility - John Navarro (ODNR)
  23. Lake Erie Committee session wrap-up and closing remarks