2019 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks & introductions - Jeremy Price (INDNR) & Barry Weldon (LRBOI)
  2. Lake sturgeon rehabilitation efforts update - Rob Elliott (USFWS)
  3. Recent trends for Lake Michigan lower trophic levels - Steve Pothoven (NOAA)
  4. Status of Lake Michigan prey fish in 2018 - Dave Warner (USGS)
  5. Status of lake trout restoration in Lake Michigan in 2018 - Chuck Madenjian (USGS)
  6. Thiamine status of lake trout eggs in Lakes Huron & Michigan in 2001-2017 - Stephen Riley (USGS)
  7. Predator/prey ratio analysis & salmonid working group updates - Nick Legler (WIDNR) (slides only)
  8. Evaluation of piscivore diets in Lake Michigan & Huron - Brian Roth (MSU)
  9. Great Lakes mass marking program updates - Matt Kornis (USFWS)
  10. 2018 Report on sea lamprey control in the Lake Michigan Basin - Scott Grunder (USFWS) (slides only)
  11. Environmental principles & habitat priorities for sustainable Lake Michigan fisheries - Dave Clapp (MIDNR) (slides only)
  12. Current status & investigations of smallmouth bass in northern Lake Michigan - Dave Clapp (MIDNR)
  13. Closing Remarks - Jeremy Price (INDNR) & Barry Weldon (LRBOI)

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - Seth Moore (Grand Portage Band)
  2. Impacts of stocked splake on lake trout and brook trout fisheries - Liz Tristano (WI Sea Grant)
  3. Rediscovering a coaster brook trout population - Chris Adams (Michigan Tech)
  4. Trends in the Lake Superior fish community, 1953-2018 - Owen Gorman (USGS)
  5. Prey fish status and trends - Mark Vinson (USGS)
  6. Sea lamprey control in Lake Superior - Matt Symbal (USFWS)
  7. Trends in yield of commercially important fish species in Lake Superior - Ben Michaels (GLIFWC)
  8. Comparison of historical and contemporary cisco stocks in Lake Superior: can historical yields be explained by contemporary recruitment abundance? - Ben Rook (USGS)
  9. Lake Superior Fishing Agreement in Wisconsin Waters - Brad Ray (WDNR)
  10. USSG acoustic sled research - Dan Yule (USGS)
  11. Buffalo reef acoustic telemetry project update - Ben Michaels (GLIFWC)
  12. Chemicals of emerging concern in the Lake Superior watershed - Seth Moore (Grand Portage Band)

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and introductions - Dave Borgeson (MIDNR)
  2. Status of lower trophic food web - Lars Rudstam (Cornell)
  3. Status of offshore forage fishes - Stephen Riley (USGS)
  4. Sea lamprey control - Shawn Nowicki (USFWS)
  5. Status of cisco, and the cisco reintroduction effort - Chris Olds (USFWS)
  6. Status of lake whitefish - Erin Dunlop (OMNRF)
  7. Status of lake trout - Steve Lenart (MIDNR)
  8. Status of introduced salmonines - Dave Borgeson (MIDNR)
  9. Nearshore fish communities - Dave Fielder (MIDNR)
  10. Nearshore fish communities continued - Status of Saginaw Bay walleye & yellow perch - Dave Fielder (MIDNR)
  11. Nearshore fish communities continued - St. Mary's River fish community; status and trends - Dave Fielder (MIDNR)
  12. Nearshore fish communities continued - Status of lake sturgeon - Justin Chiotti (USFWS)
  13. Nearshore fish communities continued - Status of walleye in Ontario waters of Lake Huron - Arunas Liskauskas (OMNRF)
  14. Status of habitat in Lake Huron - Arunas Liskauskas (OMNRF)
  15. St. Mary's River larval fish survey - Ed Roseman (USGS)
  16. Species & genetic diversity in Lake Huron - Wendylee Stott (MSU-CESU)
  17. Lake Huron Committee question & answer - Ken LaCroix, Tom Gorenflo, and Randy Claramunt

Common Session

  1. MRWG efforts to keep Asian carp from entering the GL - Kevin Irons (IL DNR)
  2. Law enforcement and AIS - Bob Stroess (WDNR)
  3. Lower trophic levels and their importance to fishery managers - Tom Stewart (OMNRF – retired)
  4. Little Rapids restoration evaluation, St Marys River - Ashley Moerke (LSSU)
  5. PFAS detection and possible fishery impacts - Tammy Newcomb (MDNR)
  6. Vagococcus effects on BKT and LAT production - Ken Phillips, Kurt Schilling (USFWS)
  7. Grass carp risks and control through telemetry research - Travis Brenden (MSU)
  8. Modeling insights about catch sampling etc. - Jim Bence (MSU)
  9. Frankenmuth Dam evaluation - Justin Chiotti (USFWS)
  10. GLFC looking forward: infrastructure plan and sea lamprey control musings - Marc Gaden and Dale Burkett (GLFC)

Lake Ontario Committee Meeting

  1. Welcome & introductions - Steve LaPan (NYSDEC)
  2. Progress towards Fish Community Objectives - Colin Lake (OMNRF)
  3. Nearshore fish assessments - Erin Brown (OMNRF)
  4. American eel update - Tom Pratt (DFO)
  5. Management perspectives - Steve LaPan (NYSDEC)
  6. Progress toward Fish Community Objectives - Chris Legard (NYSDEC) (slides only)
  7. Prey fish assessments - Brian Weidel (USGS)
  8. Chinook/Coho/Steelhead/Atlantic & Brown trout - Mike Connerton (NYSDEC)
  9. Management Perspectives - Andy Todd (MNRF)
  10. Progress towards Fish Community Objectives - Colin Lake (OMNRF)
  11. Lake trout restoration update - Brian Lantry (USGS)
  12. Sea lamprey control report - Bruce Morrison (DFO)
  13. Management perspectives - Steve LaPan (NYSDEC)
  14. Lake Ontario food web dynamics- Lars Rudstam (Cornell U.)
  15. What has acoustic telemetry taught us about bloater restoration potential in Lake Ontario? - Tim Johnson (OMNRF)
  16. Bloater & cisco restoration updates - Jim McKenna (USGS)
  17. Migration & spatial ecology of Bay of Quinte-eastern Lake Ontario walleye - Erin Brown (OMNRF)
  18. New invader: Tench update - Colin Lake (OMNRF)
  19. LOC Management Summary - Andy Todd (OMNRF) & Steve LaPan (NYSDEC)

Lake Erie Committee Meeting

  1. Welcome & introductions - Brian Locke (OMNRF)
  2. STC update: LEPMAG & new Fish Community Objectives - Richard Drouin (OMNRF)
  3. Walleye Task Group: Status of walleye - Matthew Faust (ODNR)
  4. Yellow Perch Task Group: Status of yellow perch - Matthew Faust (ODNR)
  5. Stakeholder Comments
  6. Coldwater Task Group: Status of coldwater species - Jim Markham (NYSDEC)
  7. Movement of lake whitefish - Richard Kraus (USGS)
  8. Status of sea lamprey - Chris Eilers (USFWS)
  9. Status of lower trophic level indicators - Eric Weimer (ODNR)
  10. Status of forage fish - Eric Weimer (ODNR)
  11. TAC announcement - Brian Locke (OMNRF)
  12. Habitat Task Group: Priority management areas - Cleyo Harris (MDNR)
  13. Ballville Dam - Eric Weimer (ODNR)
  14. Maumee River lake sturgeon restoration - Jim Boase (USFWS)
  15. Status of Lake St. Clair - Todd Wills (MDNR)
  16. Lake Erie Grass Carp Strategy - Jim Francis (MDNR)