2018 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks/introductions (no presentation)
  2. Lakewide Management, Habitat and Contaminants
  3. Status of the Lake Superior Lower Food Web
  4. Preyfish Trends
  5. Status and Trends of Cisco in Lake Superior
  6. Cisco Harvest and Management
  7. Historical Cisco Fishery Comparison
  8. Commercial Yield of Lake Whitefish
  9. Status of Lean Lake Trout
  10. Status and Trends of Siscowet Lake Trout
  11. Lake Superior Ecosystem Trends
  12. The State of Non-Native Salmonids in Lake Superior 2012-2016
  13. Status and Trends of Walleye Populations in Lake Superior
  14. State of Lake Superior Brook Trout Rehabilitation
  15. Recent Progress toward Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation
  16. The State of Lake Superior: Species Diversity
  17. Integrated Management of Sea Lampreys in Lake Superior 2012-2017
  18. The State of Lake Superior: Aquatic Nuisance Species
  19. Walleye in Black Bay: Movement and Habitat Use in a Recovering Lake Superior Population
  20. LSTC Fish Community Objectives Report Card

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Introduction
  2. Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Huron
  3. Prey Fish Summary
  4. Prey Fish Critical Needs Overview
  5. Cisco Study Update
  6. Round Goby Assessment
  7. Lower Food Web Dynamics
  8. CSMI Update
  9. Lake Trout Dynamics in the Main Basin
  10. Lake Trout Dynamics in Ontario Waters
  11. Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation in the Saginaw Watershed
  12. Lake Whitefish Stock Dynamics in the Era of Dreissenid Mussels
  13. Walleye Management in Lake Huron
  14. St Marys River Coordinated Creel Survey

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks/introductions (no presentation)
  2. Lake Michigan Sea Lamprey Control Report
  3. Status of Yellow Perch and Other Nearshore Species
  4. Whitefish Recruitment Issues in Lake Michigan
  5. Lake Michigan Lower Food Web Dynamics
  6. CSMI Update
  7. Status of Preyfish
  8. Predator Prey Ratio and Salmond Working Group Update
  9. Status of Lake Trout
  10. Mass Marking Report
  11. Mass Marking Diet Analysis
  12. Green Bay Working Group Report
  13. Lake Michigan Wrap Up

Upper Lakes Common Session

  1. Adult Sea Lamprey Population Assessment Transition
  2. FishLamp: Exploring the Lake Trout – Sea Lamprey Connection
  3. Lampricide Resistance and Next Generation Lampricides
  4. Human Dimensions and the Environment
  5. Status of Barriers Critical to the Sea Lamprey Control Program
  6. Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion – Aquatic Connectivity: Weighing Risk Management and Ecosystem Benefit

Lake Ontario Committee Meeting

  1. LOC Introductions (no presentation)
  2. Nearshore Fish Assessments
  3. Nearshore Fish Community Management Perspectives
  4. Offshore Prey Fish Assessment
  5. Chinook, Coho, Steelhead, Atlantic and Brown Trout Report
  6. Offshore Pelagic Fish Community Management Perspectives
  7. Lake Trout Restoration Update
  8. Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Ontario
  9. Offshore Benthic Fish Community Management Perspectives
  10. Lake Ontario Food Web Dynamics
  11. Hamilton Harbour Fish Community
  12. Lake Sturgeon Update
  13. Atlantic Salmon Restoration - Adult Assessment Updates
  14. Cisco and Bloater Update
  15. Lake Trout Report
  16. Lake-wide Cooperative Prey Fish Assessment
  17. CSMI Plans for 2018
  18. Acoustic Telemetry - What’s Happening in Lake Ontario
  19. Bloater - Early Results and Plans for RAEON (presentation cancelled)
  20. Walleye in the Bay of Quinte and eastern Lake Ontario
  21. Acoustic Telemetry in Western Lake Ontario
  22. LOC Fish Habitat Priorities
  23. LOC Fisheries Management Science Priorities
  24. LOC Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement
  25. LOC Management Summary (no presentation)

Lake Erie Committee Meeting

  1. Welcome and Introductions (no presentation)
  2. LEC Structure and Overview of FCGOs
  3. Status of Sea Lamprey in Lake Erie
  4. Status of White Bass
  5. Status of Walleye
  6. Status of Yellow Perch
  7. LEPMAG Update
  8. Stakeholder Comments (no presentation)
  9. TAC Announcement and Status of Walleye Management Plan
  10. Lower Trophic Indicators
  11. Status of Forage Fish
  12. Status of Coldwater Predators
  13. Cicso Impediments Document Overview and LEC Position
  14. Status of Lake Whitefish Populations
  15. Priority Management Areas
  16. Restoring Celeron / Stony Islands
  17. Lake Sturgeon Overview
  18. Habitat Projects in the Upper Niagara River
  19. Lake Erie GLATOS Overview
  20. Export of Larval Whitefish from the Detroit River
  21. Effort and Response to Grass Carp
  22. Closing Remarks

Common Session of the Lower Lake Committees

  1. Sea Lamprey Stream Selection and Entry Timing in Lake Erie Tributaries
  2. FishLamp: Exploring the Lake Trout - Sea Lamprey Connection
  3. Adult Sea Lamprey Population Assessment Transition
  4. Human Dimensions and the Environment
  5. Impediments to Effective Sea Lamprey Control Treatment
  6. Panel Discussion - Connectivity: Weighing Risk Management and Ecosystem Benefit