2017 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks/introductions
  2. The New Green Bay Working Group – Who, Why, What, and Beyond
  3. USGS Bottom Trawl and Acoustic Prey Fish Abundance Estimates (slides only)
  4. Salmonid Working Group Predator-Prey Ratio Model Update
  5. Lake Trout Working Group Update on Status and Charges
  6. Thiamine Analysis of Lake Trout Eggs
  7. Mass Marking Program Update
  8. Steelhead Otolith Microchemistry Research (slides only)
  9. Lake Trout Reproduction on Julian's Reef (slides only)
  10. Genetic Analysis and Strain Microchemistry of Lake Trout (slides only)
  11. Native Planktivore Task Group Update (slides only)

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks/introductions
  2. Prey Fish in Lake Huron (slides only)
  3. Lake Huron Lower Food Web (slides only)
  4. Lake Superior Cisco
  5. Past and Present Cisco Populations in Lake Huron
  6. Lake Huron Cisco Study
  7. Moderated Cisco Panel Discussion
  8. Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Huron
  9. Lake Trout in the Main Basin of Lake Huron
  10. Lake Michigan-Huron Coded Wire Tag Data
  11. Prioritizing Tributaries for Lake Sturgeon Restoration in Lake Huron
  12. Status of Saginaw Bay Fish Community and Fishery Regulation for 2017

Lake Superior Committee

  1. Opening remarks/introductions
  2. Annual USGS and CSMI Survey Results
  3. 2016 Lake Sturgeon Index Survey for Lake Superior
  4. 2016 AIS Early Detection and Monitoring Efforts for Lake Superior
  5. Eastern Lake Superior Lake Sturgeon Telemetry Study
  6. Black Bay Walleye Telemetry Study
  7. Standardized Survey for Brook Trout in Lake Superior
  8. Sea Lamprey Control in Lake Superior
  9. Great Lakes prey fish populations: A cross-basin overview of status and trends, 1978-2016
  10. Scotopic Spectral Sensitivity of Walleye
  11. Can We Estimate Lake Whitefish Abundance With a Multiple
  12. Cisco Gene Transcription
  13. Wisconsin DNR Cisco Management Strategy

Common Session

  1. Grass Carp Risk Assessment
  2. Sneak Peek! An Introduction to the Commission's New Website
  3. U.S. EPA Great Lakes National Program Office Long-term Open Lake Monitoring Programs
  4. Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative: Addressing Lake Partnership science priorities on a 5-year cycle
  5. Fisheries Management Implications of Lower Trophic Level Change
  6. Exploring How Lower Trophic Level Changes Influence Prey Fish in Lake Michigan
  7. Conservation Affects Assessment Program Results
  8. Productivity Gradients and Fish-Community Structure in Lake Erie: A Broadly Applicable Modeling Framework
  9. A Recent History of Consensus Based Percid Management on Lake Erie
  10. Lake Ontario Case Study - Taking Proactive Predator-Prey Management Action: cultivating stakeholder support to achieve Lake Committee Consensus
  11. Public Process in an Era of Abundance
  12. Shifting Angler Demographics Across the Upper Great Lakes States
  13. Sea Lamprey Control Oral History Update

Lake Ontario Committee

  1. LOC Introductions
  2. Progress Towards Nearshore FCOs
  3. Status of American Eel Recovery
  4. Status of Warmwater Fish Stocks and Fisheries
  5. Walleye Status Update
  6. Nearshore Fish Community Management Perspectives
  7. Progress Towards Offshore FCOs (slides only)
  8. Foodweb Perspectives
  9. Status of Prey Fish Stocks
  10. Lake Ontario Mass Marking Initiative
  11. Chinook and Coho Salmon, Rainbow and Brown Trout Update
  12. Atlantic Salmon Restoration
  13. Cisco Restoration
  14. Offshore Fish Community Management Perspectives
  15. Progress Towards Offshore Benthic FCOs
  16. Lake Trout Update
  17. Sea Lamprey Update
  18. Bloater Culture: from research to production
  19. Bloater Acoustic Telemetry Study
  20. Benthic Prey species
  21. Deep Pelagic/Offshore Benthic Fish Community Management Perspectives and Wrap-up

Lake Erie Committee

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Standing Technical Committee Report
  3. Lake Erie Grass Carp
  4. Overview of Lake Erie Acoustic Telemetry
  5. Walleye Task Group Report
  6. Yellow Perch Task Group Report
  7. Stakeholder comment period
  8. Welcome and TAC announcement
  9. Coldwater Task Group Report
  10. Status of Sea Lamprey in Lake Erie
  11. Maumee River Lake Sturgeon Restoration
  12. Data Deficient Task Group
  13. Forage Task Group Report
  14. Habitat Task Group Report
  15. Ontario's assessment on Lake St. Clair
  16. Michigan's assessment on Lake St. Clair
  17. Closing remarks