2016 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Welcome from LSC
  2. USGS Prey fish update
  3. Minnesota hydroacoustics survey
  4. Life history variation among four lake trout morphs at Isle Royale, Lake Superior
  5. Lake trout depth selection: use of popup tags
  6. Lake trout morph genetics
  7. Lake trout lipid levels
  8. Lake trout hooking mortality
  9. Sea lamprey update
  10. Lake Superior's river spawning lake trout
  11. Strategic brook trout habitat conservation and restoration in Wisconsin's Lake Superior basin
  12. Minnesota management plan
  13. Cisco surveys in Lake Superior

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. Sea lamprey report
  3. Prey fish summary
  4. Bloater dynamics
  5. Cisco study update
  6. Saginaw Bay reef proposal
  7. Saginaw Bay assessment in support of management
  8. Lake trout dynamics in the main basin
  9. Lake trout dynamics in Ontario
  10. Lake trout stocking reduction strategy
  11. Lake whitefish population dynamics in Lake Huron
  12. Recent changes in commercial and recreational yield in Lake Huron

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. State of Lake Michigan
  2. Trends in the pelagic and benthic lower food web
  3. Status of forage fishes
  4. Status of salmon and trout
  5. Status of lake trout
  6. Salmon and trout stable isotopes
  7. Status of mass marking
  8. Status of yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and other species
  9. Status of lake whitefish
  10. Status and rehabilitation of lake sturgeon
  11. Status of the native planktivore task group report
  12. Status of lake herring and rehabilitation
  13. Sea lamprey control in Lake Michigan
  14. Lake Michigan habitat update
  15. Early detection and monitoring of aquatic invasive species in Lake Michigan
  16. Status of fish health
  17. Lake Michigan fish contaminants
  18. Great Lakes commercial net pen aquaculture in Michigan
  19. Fish Community Objectives

Upper Lakes Common Session

  1. Great Lakes acoustic telemetry: technology, challenges, and opportunities
  2. The Joint Strategic Plan and environmental principles
  3. The value of environmental principles to fishery managers
  4. Developing and implementing environmental principles
  5. Value of environmental principles to the GLWQA
  6. Current status of ciscoes in the Great Lakes

Lake Erie Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks/introductions
  2. Report of the Habitat Task Group
  3. Report of the Forage Task Group
  4. Report of Coldwater Task Group
  5. Sea lamprey control in 2015/2016
  6. Report of the Yellow Perch Task Group
  7. Assessing contributions of individual walleye stocks in the Western Basin
  8. Acoustic telemetry/GLATOS update
  9. Report of the Walleye Task Group
  10. Stakeholder input
  11. TAC announcement
  12. Lake Sturgeon Working Group Report
  13. Report on Lake St. Clair

Lake Ontario Committee Meeting

  1. Introductions
  2. Warmwater fisheries assessments
  3. Status of American eel recovery
  4. St. Lawrence River fish community management Perspectives
  5. Status of warmwater fish stocks and fisheries
  6. Walleye status update
  7. Nearshore fish community management perspectives
  8. Foodweb perspectives
  9. Status of preyfish stocks
  10. Atlantic salmon restoration
  11. Welcome to day two
  12. IJC's plan for Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence water levels
  13. Lake Ontario Mass Marking Initiative
  14. Chinook, Coho, Rainbow, and Brown Trout
  15. Lake herring restoration
  16. Offshore pelagic management perspectives
  17. Lake trout
  18. Sea lamprey
  19. Deepwater coregonid re-introduction
  20. Benthic prey species
  21. Deep pelagic/offshore benthic management perspectives

Lower Lakes Common Session

  1. The Joint Strategic Plan and Environmental Principles
  2. The value of Environmental Principles to fishery managers
  3. Developing and implementing Environmental Principles
  4. Value of Environmental Principles to the GLWQA
  5. Habitat restoration in the Niagara River
  6. Fish barrier assessments in tributaries to the St. Lawrence River
  7. Restoring spawning habitat in the SCRDS
  8. Operationalizing Environmental Principles in Ohio
  9. Current status of ciscoes in the Great Lakes