2015 Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Erie Committee Meeting

  1. Opening remarks and Standing Technical Committee overview (K. Oldenburg, OMNRF)
  2. A stakeholder-centered approach to resolving conflict in fisheries management: Reflections on the LEPMAG process (R. Reilly, Michigan State University)
  3. Report of the Walleye Task Group (R. Drouin, OMNRF)
  4. Towards a better understanding of the spatial and temporal structuring of Lake Erie Walleye (C. Vandergoot, ODNR)
  5. Impacts of greenhouse gasses, globally and on Lake Erie (B. Lofgren, NOAA)
  6. Report of the Yellow Perch Task Group (M. Hosack, PFBC)
  7. Asian Carp monitoring and risk reduction activities: LEC agency update (J. Tyson, ODNR)
  8. Status of coldwater fish community (Coldwater Task Group) (J. Markham, NYSDEC)
  9. Sea Lamprey update (T. Sullivan, USFWS)
  10. TAC announcement / STC overview (J. Francis, MIDNR)
  11. Report of the Habitat Task Group (C. Castiglione, USFWS)
  12. CSMI collaborations: Lake Erie 2014 (P. Collingsworth, USEPA)
  13. Report of the Forage Task Group (Z. Biesinger, USFWS)
  14. Do recent increases in cyanobacteria pose a real threat to Lake Erie.s fisheries? (S. Ludsin, OSU)
  15. Lake Sturgeon restoration efforts in the Lake Erie basin (J. Boase, USFWS)
  16. Report on Lake St. Clair (M. Thomas, MIDNR)
  17. St. Clair-Detroit River System Initiative: The common agenda (R. Drouin, OMNRF)
  18. Fish spawning and nursery habitat assessments in the St. Clair.Detroit River System (E. Roseman, USGS)

Lake Ontario Committee Meeting

  1. Warmwater fisheries assessments (R. Green, OMNRF and M. Yuille, OMNRF)
  2. Status of American Eel recovery (T. Pratt, DFO)
  3. St. Lawrence River fish community management perspectives (C. Lake, OMNRF)
  4. Status of warmwater fish stocks and fisheries (J. Lantry, NYSDEC)
  5. Walleye status update (J. Hoyle, OMNRF)
  6. Nearshore fish community management perspectives (A. Todd, OMNRF)
  7. Food web perspectives (L. Rudstam (Cornell University) / T. Johnson, OMNRF)
  8. Status of preyfish stocks (B. Weidel, USGS and J. Holden, OMNRF)
  9. Lake Ontario mass marking initiative (M. Connerton, NYSDEC)
  10. Lake Ontario angler surveys (J. Lantry, NYSDEC and M. Yuille, OMNRF)
  11. Chinook, Coho, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout (J. Lantry, NYSDEC)
  12. Atlantic Salmon and Lake Herring restoration (C. Lake, OMNRF)
  13. Offshore fish community management perspectives (S. LaPan, NYSDEC)
  14. Lake Trout (B. Lantry, USGS)
  15. Sea Lamprey (K. Tallon, DFO)
  16. Whitefish / Round Whitefish (J. Hoyle, OMNRF)
  17. Benthic prey species (B. Weidel, USGS)
  18. Deep pelagic/offshore benthic fish community management perspectives (S. LaPan, NYSDEC)

Common Session

  1. Evolution of fishery management in the Great Lakes (M. Gaden, GLFC)
  2. Development and importance of Fish Community Objectives (M. Hansen, USGS)
  3. Role of technical committees in cooperative fishery management (M. Ebener, CORA)
  4. Why the Joint Strategic Plan works (R. Knight, ODNR . retired)
  5. The next 50 years: Possible futures for the lake committees (S. Hewett, WIDNR)
  6. Aquatic Habitat Connectivity Collaborative and Decision Support Tool (M. Holey, USFWS and A. Moody, UW-Madison)
  7. Upcoming coregonid symposium announcement (J. Myers, WIDNR) (pdf only)
  8. Basin-wide collaboration to restore Bloaters to Lake Ontario (A. Todd, OMNRF and S. LaPan, NYSDEC)
  9. Acoustic telemetry (C. Krueger, Michigan State University)

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Effectiveness of a Lake Trout refuge at Gull Island Shoal (M. Hansen, USGS)
  2. Depth selection of Lake Trout morphotypes
  3. Loss of genetic diversity and collapse of genetic distance between Lake Trout ectomorphs (S. Baillie, Dalhouise University)
  4. Lake Trout management in Wisconsin waters (J. Myers, WIDNR)
  5. Status of spawning Cisco at the Apostle Islands (J. Myers, WIDNR)
  6. Minnesota.s Cisco fishery: Managing for sustainability of a multi-jurisdictional commercial fishery (C. Goldsworthy, MNDNR)
  7. Sea Lamprey control (J. Barber, USFWS)
  8. Forage fish trends from USGS surveys (M. Vinson, USGS)
  9. Morphometric and genetic analyses of contemporary Great Lakes Cisco (D. Yule, USGS)
  10. Portage Creek: A partnership in Steelhead research (J. George, OMNRF- retired)
  11. Coaster Brook Trout rehabilitation in Canadian waters (E. Berglund, OMNRF)
  12. Benthic habitat mapping in U.S. National Parks of the Great Lakes (J. Glace, NPS)

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. 2014 Lake Huron Technical Committee activities and introduction (S. Lenart, USFWS)
  2. Nearshore-offshore fish community trends in Ontario waters (A. Liskauskas, OMNRF)
  3. Status of Walleye and Yellow Perch in Saginaw Bay: Need and opportunity for management action (D. Fielder, MIDNR)
  4. Aquatic invasive species monitoring efforts in Lake Huron (A. Bowen, USFWS)
  5. Sea Lamprey control program update (L. Walter, USFWS)
  6. Lake Trout research at the Drummond Island telemetry array (S. Riley, USGS)
  7. Status of Lake Trout populations (J. He, MIDNR)
  8. Lake Huron genetic stock analysis projects (K. Scribner, Michigan State University)
  9. Status of preyfish (T. O.Brien, USGS)
  10. Cisco genetics (W. Stott, USGS)
  11. Status of Cisco in northern Lake Huron (M. Ebener, CORA)

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Introduction (B. Eggold, WIDNR and B. Breidert, INDNR)
  2. Status of the lower trophic food web (S. Pothoven, NOAA)
  3. Status of forage fishes (B. Bunnell, USGS)
  4. Pelagic community comparison: Lake Michigan and Lake Huron 1990-2013, mid-water and acoustic surveys (D. Warner, USGS)
  5. Gobies . the new Alewife? (R. Claramunt, MIDNR)
  6. Native Planktivore Task Group (C. Bronte, USFWS)
  7. Yellow Perch reporting (D. Clapp, MIDNR)
  8. Sea Lamprey update (Scott Grunder, USFWS)
  9. Progress toward Lake Trout rehabilitation (C. Madenjian, USGS)
  10. Thiamine analysis from spawning Lake Trout (S. Riley, USGS)
  11. Mass marking results and data analysis (M. Kornis, USFWS)
  12. Salmonid Working Group update and improved predator/prey ratio (N. Legler, WIDNR)