Sea Lamprey Barriers

Task Force Report

The Task Force (in coordination with BOTE and the Secretariat) issued a limited RFP soliciting research into the effects of lowhead barriers on stream fish communities. Presently there are 52 barrier dams that have been constructed or modified to stop sea lampreys on tributaries of the Great Lakes: 12 on Lake Superior, 10 on Lake Michigan, 11 on Lake Huron, 7 on Lake Erie, and 12 on Lake Ontario (Fig. 11). An evaluation of the current effectiveness of these barriers at stopping sea lampreys is presented in Table 26. Highlights of projects on each Lake in 1995 are:

Lake Superior

Routine maintenance work was carried out at existing barriers.
Table 26.  Current status of sea lamprey barriers on the Great Lakes.  (Number in parentheses corresponds to location of stream in Previous Section of the Sea Lamprey Annual Report

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