For Immediate Release
October 7, 1996

Contact: Marc Gaden
313-662-3209 ext. 14

Canada Pledges to Maintain Great Lakes Fishery Convention Act

Decision Reaffirms Canada's Commitment to Sea Lamprey Control; The Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries

The Canadian government announced last week that it will retain the Canadian Great Lakes Fishery Convention Act. The announcement reaffirms Canada's continued commitment to the 1954 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries, a treaty between the United States and Canada which established a binational mechanism to facilitate cooperative Great Lakes fishery research and to implement a sea lamprey control program.

Until recently, Canada was considering the repeal of the Great Lakes Fishery Convention Act, the enabling legislation for the Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries. (The United States has similar legislation, the Great Lakes Fisheries Act.) The repeal, Canada noted at the time, was a housekeeping measure to eliminate unnecessary or redundant legislation. Canada's recent announcement confirms that the Great Lakes Fishery Convention Act will remain in effect.

"Canada's announcement to maintain the Great Lakes Fishery Convention Act strengthens Canada's already strong commitment to the health and prosperity of the Great Lakes resources," said Gail Beggs, the commission's chair. "I am very pleased to see that Canada will keep this important legislation on the books as a continuing affirmation of the cooperation our two nations enjoy in the management of our shared Great Lakes fishery."

Dr. Charles Krueger, the commission's Vice-Chair added: "U.S. legislators and fishery users should take comfort in this announcement from Canada. It means that during these times of shrinking budgets and government restructuring, both nations remain committed to the agreements that help us work together for the good of the Great Lakes fishery resources."