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High-resolution bathymetry surveying of the nearshore zone off Drummond Island, Lake Huron


Nigel J. Wattrus2


2 Large Lakes Observatory,

University of Minnesota Duluth

10 University Drive

Duluth, Minnesota 55812




March 2012



Over 80 km 2 of high-resolution multibeam sonar bathymetry and backscatter imagery were collected in the nearshore zone (water depth < 65 m) off Drummond Island in northern Lake Huron as part of a larger study to use a large hydrophone array to track the behavior of spawning lake trout fitted with acoustic tags. The goals of the multibeam survey were to: a) generate high-resolution bathymetric information for the study site; b) generate backscatter imagery of the study site; c) classify the substrate in key areas of the study area that is based upon its acoustic response. The data reveal an extensive field of north-south directed ridges composed of coarse gravel, cobble and boulders that are interpreted to be a relict drumlin field that formed below the Laurentide Ice Sheet during the last glaciation of the area. The orientation of the ridges reflects the flow direct of the ice sheet.