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Human Dimensions theme revision


 Richard C. Stedman1


1   Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850




March 2015




Our study investigates fisher managersí information needs with regard to social dimensions of the Great Lakes fishery. Fishery managers in our study are only trained in biology and ecology and face a variety of management issues that fall into the social dimensions of the fishery. Subsequently, fishery managers identify multiple information needs that would allow them to manage social dimensions aspects of the fishery better. Most of the cited information needs focus on the resolution of existing pressing management issues. Fishery managers seem less interested in information on long-term changes or social-ecological relationships that would allow building adaptive capacity to cope with future changes. This finding demonstrates an emphasis on dealing with short term, day-to-day management issues for social dimensions of the fishery in the Great Lakes. Long-term planning for social dimensions of the fishery seems to be lacking so far but is needed to manage the fishery as a social-ecological system.