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Capturing sea lampreys in a fishwheel for sea lamprey management  

Michael J. Siefkes1 and Michael B. Twohey1


1 United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Marquette Biological Station, 3090 Wright St., Marquette , Michigan 49855


Capturing upstream migrating sea lampreys is an important practice for the sea lamprey control program. In this study, the use of a fishwheel to capture sea lampreys was tested in the Cheboygan River and sea lamprey behavior around the fishwheel was video recorded. During the study, the fishwheel captured over 1,000 sea lampreys and had very few instances of by-catch. In addition, when compared to the conventional traps also fished in the Cheboygan River, the fishwheel proved to be as easy or easier to operate and maintain. Video observations determined that many sea lampreys encountering the fishwheel were not captured and some that were captured escaped before being lifted from the water. Despite these observations, simple modifications to fishwheel design and placement will likely increase the capture rate. More research is needed to investigate the use of fishwheels in conjunction with conventional traps and in tributaries not suitable for current trapping operations. Overall results indicate that fishwheels could be a viable way to capture additional sea lampreys for the sea lamprey control program.