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Co-ordination Support for Great Lakes Research Directed Toward the Theme of 'Exotic Invertebrates and Food Web Disruption'


Shuter, Brian J. 1


1 Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Universiyt of Toronto

25 Harbord Street

Toronto, ON, M5S 3G5 Canada

e: shuter@zoo.utoronto.ca





A workshop was held to promote interaction and coordination among principle investigators working on projects funded under the Trophic Disruptions Research Theme. Recent research findings and future research directions were discussed. Specific issues addressed included: (i) needs for future research on the impacts of Dreissenids, Bythotrephes and Cercopagis on Great Lakes ecosystems (ii) the essential role of ecosystem monitoring in such research studies; (iii) the relevance of small lake studies to invasions research on the Great Lakes; (iv) the usefulness of new technologies in invasions research on the Great Lakes.