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Chemistry to facilitate studies of pheromones; TFM and novel biosensors


Belinda Huerta2, Yu-Wen Chung-Davidson2, Ugo Bussy2, Weiming Li2


2Department of Fisheries & Wildlife, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824


March 2019




This project encompasses a series of chemical-related endeavors to facilitate the study of sea lamprey pheromones and the TFM metabolism in sea lamprey. Firstly, several analytical methods were developed for the quantification of small biomolecules (estrogens, thyroid hormones, steroids, and bile acids). Routine analysis of these compounds have been constantly performed in the funding period to study reproduction and migration cues in this species. Additionally, TFM metabolism in vivo was studied in sea lamprey and non-target species. Several novel metabolites were described and synthesized. A quantitative method was developed for the assessment of TFM and its metabolites in different matrices. Among these novel metabolites, the reduction of TFM and subsequent presence of nitro reductive metabolites were deemed as a determining factor for sea lamprey sensitivity to this lampricide.