Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Milwaukee, MI
23, 24 March 1999

Executive Summary

1. Acoustic Surveys of Lake Superior

The LSC encouraged the USGS Great Lakes Science Center to make acoustics surveys of Lake Superior a priority. With reference to the Fisheries Trust proposal, the LSTC will prepare an acoustics program outline for use in GLSC priority-setting, a Restoration Act submission, or a request for Binational Program indicator funding.

2. Lake Trout Model

The LSC supports a Phase 2 proposal to the Restoration Act and/or Coordination Activities Program for a lake trout population model, Jim Peck (MDNR) is willing to take lead, and a more modest proposal might be forthcoming from Mike Hansen (U of Wisconsin).

3. LSC Funding Priorities

If Coordination Activities Program and Restoration Act Funds become limited the LSC ranks its proposals in priority: (1) lake trout model development ($35 to 50K from CAP and RA), (2) functional lake trout prey response model ($10 to 15K from CAP), (3) acoustics surveys (USGS or Binational Program), and (4) fish aging workshop. (A proposal for the aging workshop may not be prepared this year.)

4. Fish Community Objectives

LSC members will e-mail Bill Horns (WDNR) by 1 May with any comments on draft fish community objectives. If needed a conference call will be scheduled. An edited version will be available in June 1999. During the July – October period the agencies will have an opportunity to seek public input. Public comments will be compiled and circulated in November. The LSC will meet to decide on proposed revisions. A final version will be available March 2000 for LSC adoption.

5. Exotics and Disease Management

LSC members will continue to review drafts of the Great Lakes Panel’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Action Plan. There were concerns that the Plan was over-reliant on control, and paid insufficient to prevention action.

Tom Gorenflo (COTFMA) will share with the LSC a letter challenging the EPA exempting ballast discharge for NPDES requirements under the Clean Water Act.

Eric Reeves has prepared an analysis of Great Lakes exotics legislation for the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality.

The LSC was encouraged to cooperate with Anne Kapuscinski (UMN) in ground-truthing the Aquaculture Protocol.

The LSC was informed of a risk assessment approach to fish health decisions that Greg Wright will refer to the GLFHC. It may also have relevance to the CLC’s aquaculture protocol and consultation procedures.

6. State of the Lake Report and Conference

The LSC will suggest to the CLC that the meeting rotation be adjusted to allow the Lake Superior conference to be held in Duluth in 2002. Presentations on other trophic levels will be invited.

7. Habitat Declaration

The LSC will send comments to Marg Dochoda (GLFC) for discussion at the CLC. There was concern that the GLFC will be perceived as telling agencies and Lake Committees course of action.  It would help if SGLFMP commitments were identified as such.

8. Habitat Membership and Funding Opportunities

The LSC was invited to identify proposed activities and candidate HAB members who could be helpful. The LSC was invited to identify environmental objectives activities for HAB funding. (HAB meets 22, 23 April.)

9. Communications Framework

The LSC supports the communications and will implement the communications framework. Marc Gaden (GLFC) and LSTC will draft a generic news release on sea lamprey, prey, and fish community objectives that agencies can tailor and release.

10. USGS Vessels

The LSC learned that the President’s budget included a request for $1 million to retrofit the RV Sturgeon for use in Lake Michigan. The RV Kiyi will soon be available in Lake Superior.

11.  Binational Program

The LSC Chairman will write the Binational Program Co-chairs telling them that 4 people are willing to work with you as our reps (main contact Mark Ebener). The LSC looks forward to cooperation and reviewing documents that may be produced.. The 4 LSC reps’ role is to focus your activities to meet the needs of our fish community objectives.

12.  Isle Royale Lake Trout Study

The LSC will write a letter of approval for the proposed Isle Royale lake trout study.

13. Rehabilitation Plans for Brook Trout, Lake Sturgeon, and Walleye

Rehabilitation plans for brook trout, lake sturgeon, and walleye were approved subject to editorial changes by end of June. The final manuscripts will be forwarded to the Secretariat for publication.

14. Officers

Steve Scott (MDNR) will serve as Chair 1999-2001, and Ken Cullis (OMNR) will be Vice-Chair. Neil Kmiecik (GLIFWC), who would have otherwise served as Chair, asked to skip his turn this cycle.

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