Weber’s Inn
Ann Arbor, MI
21, 22 March 2000


1. Proposal for Commercial Production of Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Siscowet

The LSC declined to write a letter of support for proposed commercial production of omega fatty acids from siscowet.

2. Proposed New GLFC Committee – Great Lakes Fish Habitat Conservation Committee

The LSC deferred discussion to April CLC meeting of proposed new GLFC committee, the Great Lakes Fish Habitat Conservation Committee.

3. USGS Vessel Program

At CLC April meeting, the LSC will introduce concerns re the USGS vessel program, upon which agencies depend for crucial info on prey species etc. It was suggested that the CLC Vice-Chair might accompany the GLFC Executive Secretary to discuss the importance of the boat program with the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey. In addition, the Director of the USGS Great Lakes Science Center, Nancy Milton, was invited to the U.S. Advisors’ June meeting where the importance of this program would be discussed. (Perhaps the RV Kiyi could be docked nearby for Advisors’ inspection.)
David Bornholdt and Nancy Milton (USGS) reported on efforts to place vessels in facilities line and to hire a marine engineer so that future maintenance would be assured; to replace retiring scientists in the vessel program; and to maintain the 30-year database and to collect associated data this year. The LSC reiterated its appreciation and concern for the vessel program.  There was appreciation for the new hiring initiative that would result in three scientists per lake, and concern that budget woes etc. might discourage especially talented scientists from applying. Previously stated USGS commitment to the vessel program in response to agencies’ repeated expressions of support and concern had not yet translated into a fully staffed and operational vessel program, and thus the LSC was becoming discouraged. 

4. Restoration Act Grant Proposals

As requested by the Restoration Act Review Committee, the LSC will review and advise the committee re proposals’ priority (high / medium / low) with respect to fish community objectives for Lake Superior. 

5. Coordination Activities Program

The LSC plans to submit a proposal to the Coordination Activities Program for a lake trout ageing workshop.

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