Niagara Falls, NY
25, 26 March 1998



1. Fish Community Objectives

Comments on fish community objectives are welcome before 15 April.  The LOC plans to have the final version for distribution at the GLFC’s June 98 annual meeting, and will consider issuing an accompanying press release.

2. Native Prey Management

The LOC requests intensive assessment of in-lake populations of coregonids and deepwater sculpins in preparation for their decision on whether to reintroduce such species.

Bob Lange (NYDEC) will write terms of reference and schedule for production by the 1999 LOC meeting of a white paper on reintroducing native prey species.  Randy Eshenroder (GLFC) was invited to work on the paper.

The LOC would share its experience and materials with the CLC, as other lakes may be considering similar programs.

3. LOC / LaMP Cooperation

The LOC welcomed LaMP Work Group comments on its fish community objectives with regard to its needs.

The LOC and LaMP Work Group will meet soon to discuss specific ways they can cooperate.

The LOC will focus on phytoplankton and zooplankton in its environmental objectives.  (The LaMP Work Group could best use such input in a year’s time.)

4. Monitoring Benthic and Lower Trophic Levels

The LOC and LaMP Work Group will approach IAGLR regarding arranging an informal session to share information and explore opportunities for ensuring necessary monitoring, particularly of biological and chemical components of the Great Lakes Ecosystem.  The GLFC Secretariat offered assistance.  After the IAGLR session, the LOC will consider if additional steps are needed.

5. Sea Lamprey

The LOC urged the GLFC and its Agents to carefully review current high rates of wounding, and consider whether they constitute the beginning of a trend that needs attention.

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