Niagara Falls, NY
27,28 March 2001


LOC: Chairman Bob Lange (NYDEC), Sandra Orsatti (OMNR)

1. American Eels

The LOC will develop a position statement on eel management including ICES recommendations, eel ladders, turbines, fishing, and DFO and USFWS roles.

2. Bloater Rehabilitation

Tom Stewart (OMNR) and Steve Lapan (NYDEC) will develop a proposal or plan for bloater rehabilitation including need for hatcheries.

3. Klondike Strain of Lake Trout

The LOC will advise USFWSs Bob Adair by September whether to stock Klondike lake trout in Lake Ontario.

4. Lake Ontario Technical Committee

The LOC and LOTC considered insights from organization of other Lake Committees.

5. Officers

Sandra Orsatti (OMNR) will chair the LOC, and Bob Lange (NYDEC) will serve as Vice Chair through the 2003 meeting.