White Oaks Conference Center
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
28, 29 March 2000


1. USGS Vessel Program 

The CLC will discuss issues in resourcing the USGS vessel program. The CLC Vice Chairman will accompany the GLFC Executive Secretary to a meeting with the USGS Director to discuss Great Lakes needs.

2. Atlantic Salmon Rehabilitation Research Review Papers

Marion Daniels (OMNR) will draft a front end synthesis and provide editorial comments to other authors, for Chairman Bob Lange’s (NYDEC) review, and compilation of historical record of early information on possibilities for Atlantic salmon rehabilitation. Individual authors are encouraged to publish their individual papers elsewhere if time permits.

3. Bloater Discussion Paper

Publication of the bloater discussion paper was encouraged, perhaps in the GLFC’s Technical Report Series.

4. Fish Community Objectives

Sandra Orsatti (OMNR) will provide LOC response to Randy Eshenroder’s editorial comments on fish community objectives.

5. Concern re American Eels

The LOC will apply for GLFC Coordination Activity Funds for a consultant to work with Al Hoar (USFWS), Steve LePan (NYDEC), DFO, USFWS, and a Quebec rep to produce a discussion draft / white paper by 28 August 2000 on the need to preserve Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River spawning stocks of American eels, with background on implications for the entire population. The consultant will present the discussion paper at the ICES meeting and finalize thereafter. White paper could then be used as attachment to letters to responsible authorities.

In addition the LOC encouraged Pat Sullivan (Cornell U.) and Brian Lantry (NYDEC) to arrange for analysis of jaw tag data to determine escapement options related to power dams and to the commercial fishery on silvers and yellows.

6. Lake Trout Rehabilitation Plan

Ted Schaner (OMNR) and Brian Lantry (NYDEC) will respond to Randy Eshenroder’s editorial comments on the Lake Ontario Lake Trout Rehabilitation Plan. Given changes in benthic food web, the Technical Committee should assess continuing validity and research needs associated with the lake trout rehabilitation plan. 

7. 2001 Presentations

The LOC requested that its Technical Committee consolidate and integrate presentations at the 2001 LOC meeting.

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