Campus Inn
Ann Arbor, Michigan
23, 24 March 1994


1. Memorandum of Understanding with USFWS

LMC agencies were invited to advise Mike Talbot (WDNR) of needed major/ minor revisions on a recent draft. Mike Talbot (WDNR), Wisconsin counsel, Rick Clark (MDNR), and Jim Francis (IDNR) will negotiate a unified Memorandum of Understanding (as far as possible) with the USFWS for Lake Michigan Committee and Fish Chief review. The revised draft will be shared with NYDEC, PFBC, MnDNR, ODNR, and GLIFWC.

Participants discussed the omission of a paragraph on partner concurrence on study.  (Minority reports would be included.) There was general agreement that procedures for implementation should be documented to ensure partners comfortable on sub-agreements, roles, need, implementation, etc.

2. Chinook Salmon Task Group

The LMC discontinued the Chinook Salmon Task Group, directing that all future chinook salmon work be coordinated through the Lake Michigan Technical Committee (LMTC).

3. MSU Coop Position

The LMC requested that the new Great Lakes faculty position created at Michigan State University be directed to assist the LMTC with the development of the SIMPLE model.

4. Yellow Perch Task Group

The LMC formed a Yellow Perch Task Group, charging it to 

  1. Consolidate the available perch data and assess its compatibility.
  2. From the consolidation of data, evaluate what can be said about the discreteness of perch stocks. If there is not a definitive statement about discreteness then develop a study plan to address the question.
  3. Report progress to the LMTC at the winter meeting in 1995.

Membership: Rich Hess (IDNR), Phil Schneeberger (MDNR), Chuck Hatcher (NBS), Ellen Marsden (INHS), Jim Francis (IDNR), Olson??, Brian Belonger (WDNR), Kinn?, O'Neill?, Ball State?

5. Lake Trout Stocking Size

The LMC supported the proposal of the NFH system to rear yearlings to 10/lb. and fall fingerlings to 20/lb. for stocking in Lake Michigan, with the expectation that fewer fish at a larger size will increase overall survival.

The LMTC was asked to design a study pairing two sizes of lake trout in a CWT refuge study, including evaluation in 5 years.

6. Isolation Facility

Mark Holey (WDNR) was asked to draft a letter for the LMC Chair requesting the USFWS to establish an isolation facility or halfway house for the purpose of bringing in wild fish for broodstock development, and advising the USFWS of the LMC's continuing interest in a quarantine facility if it could be incorporated with the isolation facility plans.

Marg Dochoda (GLFC) will send the LMC copies of the quarantine protocol and related correspondence.

7. Finclip Assignment Protocol

The LMTC should continue developing for LMC consideration a protocol for clip assignments for all species stocked.

8. LMTC Appointment

Mike Toneys (WDNR) was appointed to the LMTC.

9. Coho Management

Bill Horns (MDNR) will prepare for agency meeting the evening of 8 April in preparation for meeting with anglers. Final decisions must await in-state consultations, and an agenda was needed to keep discussion on-track.

10. Walleye Management

The LMC discussed the advisability of stocking walleye in southern Lake Michigan. 

11. Fish Community Objectives

The Drafting Committee (Rick Clark, Randy Eshenroder, Mark Holey, and Tom Gorenflo) will provide a uniform draft or an analysis of their differences to the LMC by 15 May in order that fish community objectives can be approved at the GLFC Annual Meeting for public review as desired by agencies. Target date for final ratification is the fall of 94.

12. Standardization of Assessment

The LMTC was charged to review existing creel census methods and recommending standards for collecting and reporting information.

MDNR and WDNR were asked to report to LMC through the LMTC in 1995 on pilot studies.  In the meantime the LMC will review LMTC's analysis of proposed assessment of salmonids.

13. NBS Funding

Tom Gorenflo (COTFMA) will draft a letter for LMC Chair stating desire and needs for NBS full funding, including support for trend information.

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