Algoma's Water Tower Inn
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 5N3
31 March & 1 April 1993

Executive Summary

1. Role of Resource Assistance Office(s) (USFWS)

Tom Gorenflo (COTFMA) will draft a letter to the USFWS's Region 3 office for LMC consideration and the Chair's signature. The letter will recommend that specific tasks for the USFWS resource assistance offices be developed collaboratively between each office and the related lake committee. Once needed services are identified , and if these services exceed the capacity of the office, the lake committee would advise the regional office of the service in which the office is located that additional resources are required. Examples of needed services for Lake Michigan are maintaining the stocking and CWT databases, and reading CWTs, and keeping the SIMPLE model.

2. Fish Community Objectives

  1. The draft objective was accepted substantially as written. A revision by the 3-person committee that incorporates short-term targets (3 - 5 years) for the salmonines (ranges by species based approximately at 1991 yields) should be developed as soon as possible. The notion of a "management plan" that provides near-term forecasts of yields and the related stocking rates should be incorporated in the "To the Future" section. A lamprey target is also needed.
  2. The LMC agreed to share its draft fish community objectives with the CLC.

3. SIMPLE technology transfer

BOTE's involvement in the SIMPLE process is nearly concluded. The LMC encouraged the Service to maintain the SIMPLE model at the resource assistance office for use by the technical committee.

4. Chinook salmon workshop

A summer meeting (July) of agency persons concerned with chinook salmon will be held in Marinette, Wisconsin.

5. Proposed environmental objectives workshop

The LMC supported the proposed Lake Superior / Erie workshop on environmental objectives.

6. Draft GLFC contaminant position statement

The LSC will support at the CLC GLFC adoption of the draft contaminant position statement.

7. Lake trout stocking

  1. The LMC reaffirmed its Racine, WI decision to stock Green Lake and Marquette strain lake trout in the southern refuge in 1994.
  2. b. Fall fingerlings will be stocked in secondary areas.
  3. The LMTC will continue its study and documentation of lake trout which spawn at depths of 100' - 150', eg. Caribou Island strain.

8. Proposed Michigan strategy for reducing incidence of BKD

Discussion of the Michigan proposal was deferred to the CLC. John Trimberger (MDNR) would request that John Robertson (MDNR) call Bill James (IDNR) regarding the desirability of Indiana being represented at the CLC meeting. Discussion included viewpoints that states need to define "Rs-free", and that the proposed Michigan strategy for reducing incidence of BKD will not necessarily by itself solve the problem of chinook mortality.

9. Development of IMSL model

The LMC approved participation of the LMTC in development of the IMSL model. The LMTC next meets in June 1993.

10. Funding for sea lamprey control

The LMC referred to the CLC discussion of alternative funding sources for sea lamprey control.

11. LMTC membership

The LMC appointed Eric Olson (COTFMA) to the LMTC.

12. LMC officers

Mike Talbot (WDNR) will chair and John Trimberger (MDNR) will vice-chair the LMC through the 1995 LMC meeting.

7 April 1993

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