Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Milwaukee, MI
22, 23 March 1999

Executive Summary

1. Lake Huron Technical Committee Priorities

At its June 99 meeting the Lake Huron Technical Committee will focus on the sea lamprey management plan, environmental objectives, and planning for the 2001 symposium and the state of the lakes report proposal – for the LHC’s approval. The LHTC will meet with Lake Huron Initiative organizers,

2. Chinook Natural Reproduction Study

Dave Reid (OMNR) will discuss with Jim Bence (MSU) options for determining chinook salmon natural reproduction, e.g., marking of stocked fish. The LHTC will produce a 4-year plan for agency use.

3. Predator Stocking Level

The LHTC will organize a July workshop at the McMullen Center of LHTC, LMTC and modelers to develop rationale for a stocking protocol, e.g., desired growth and mortality of chinooks and populations of alewife, identifying triggers for various management options.

4. Lake Huron Watershed Initiative

The LHC thought it would be useful to pull together info already available. Georgian Bay and North Channel data should be included: MDEQ willing to include such data and DFO promised assistance.

5. USGS Vessel Needs

The LHC and agencies support the USGS’s refurbishing of the RV Sturgeon to replace the RV Cisco ($1 million) for prey research.

6. Communications

Jim Johnson (MDNR), Dave Reid (OMNR), and Marc Gaden (GLFC) will discuss St. Marys River education needs.

7. Underwater Logging

Dave Reid (OMNR) and Vic Gillman (DFO) will provide LHC copies of underwater logging guidelines.

8. St. Marys River Task Group

Dave McLeish (OMNR) will draft terms of reference with timeline for the task group and advisory group and circulate to the LHC. Focus is to be assessment. The LHTC will propose management options to LHC if needed.

9. Habitat Declaration

The LHC supports the habitat declaration in principle, is concerned about dams, and will bring any comments to CLC meeting.

10. LHTC Chairmanship

Dave Reid (OMNR) will continue chairing the LHTC through the 2000 meeting.

11. Lake Huron Predator-Prey Model

Jim Johnson (MDNR) will ask Rick Clark for technical assistance for the Lake Huron Unit in providing a home for the Lake Huron predator-prey model. Brian Henderson (OMNR) may be able to help if adapting for Georgian Bay.

12. State of the Lake Report

Dave Reid (OMNR) will ask Mike Jones (MSU) for IAGLR meeting location plans etc., and the LHC will decide venue for its state of the lake conference. The report will discuss stocking, chinook salmon, St. Marys River sea lamprey control, lake trout rehabilitation, the Bence model, predator-prey issues, progress on fish community objectives, and info on other trophic levels.

13. Officers

John Schrouder (MDNR) will serve as Chair 1999-2001, and Dave McLeish / Ron Desjardines (OMNR) will be Vice-Chair.

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