Ramada Suites Hotel
Niagara Falls, Ontario
30,31 March 1994


1. Walleye Task Group

  1. The Lake Erie Committee (LEC) adopted a Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of 8 million walleye. This falls well within the range recommended by the Walleye Task Group.
    (A cautionary note -- the WTG will look to assessment of the 1991 and 1993 year classes of walleye to ensure they meet expectations.)

  2. The LEC will request through the Standing Technical Committee (STC), an evaluation of the performance of CAGEAN (catch-at-age analysis) using past experience to improve performance of the model.

2. Yellow Perch Task Group

  1. The LEC adopted a TAC of 5 million pounds.

    The LEC action was: "Having reviewed the Yellow Perch Task Group's recommendation for an allowable harvest of 6.0 million pounds lakewide, the LEC has agreed to adopt a more conservative harvest of 5.0 million pounds in the interest of sustaining yellow perch stocks. In addition, the LEC agrees that the distribution of harvest among Management Units in 1993 will serve as a guideline to apportion the 1994 allowable harvest of 5.0 million pounds. The proportional allocation guidelines are: Management Unit 1 = 35.9%; Management Unit 2 = 47.3%; Management Unit 3 = 15.1% and Management Unit 4 = 1.7%."

  2. The LEC charged the STC to forward the following charges to the YPTG:

    i. To establish a minimum stock size which we should stay above to sustain yellow perch stocks. Inherent in this charge is the development of indicators / methodology for determining stock size.

    ii. To conduct an analysis of the utility / effects of a Minimum Size Limit /Size Specific Gear Regulation on yellow perch stocks.

3. Support for CAGEAN Workshop

The WTG need to improve performance of CAGEAN and the YPTG requirement to refine techniques for determining stock size demonstrate the value in revisiting CAGEAN.  Experience with CAGEAN has been positive but there can be improvements based on what has been gained through that experience. Therefore the LEC requests the Great Lakes Fishery Commission to sponsor an expert in CAGEAN to conduct a workshop for the STC and Task Group participants to improve our CAGEAN techniques. This sponsorship to be limited to fees, expenses, and travel support for the consulting expert in CAGEAN.

4. Forage Task Group / Coldwater Task Group

The LEC considered the two reports in concert. There was consensus that measures need to be taken to reduce mortality of Eastern Basin smelt. Agencies will address both reduction of commercial harvest and predation from introduced salmonines. Exact nature of measures to be taken will be determined after a public consultation process in all affected jurisdictions.

Further charges to the Task Groups will be provided through the Standing Technical Committee.

5. Fish Community Objectives

The LEC released a DRAFT COPY of LAKE ERIE FISH COMMUNITY OBJECTIVES. The DRAFT is out for public comment and consultation. A final copy (consensus) is anticipated for delivery to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission and the committee of the Whole in November 1994.

19 April 94

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