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Sea Lamprey Research

Theme areas

Research theme areas describe important topics related to the management of sea lampreys in the Great Lakes. Theme areas establish key research questions and hypotheses that become the focus of specific projects.  Each of the theme areas are described in a series of papers published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research (volume 33, special issue 2). 

Research theme areas

Theme development – Subject matter and priorities for research themes are most often generated through the Sea Lamprey Control Board and its Task Forces.  Members of the Sea Lamprey Research Board develop the documents that describe research theme areas.

Research to support immediate needs of sea lamprey management – Research projects that provide for a quick response to the immediate information needs of sea lamprey management may also be funded. This type of research is most often conducted internally by Hammond Bay Biological Station (Millersburg, MI), the Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center (LaCrosse, WI), and the commission's sea lamprey control agents.

Non-Theme Area Research - Projects that do not fall under any current theme area may also be supported. This provides an opportunity for researchers with highly meritorious concepts, not connected to existing theme areas, to access commission funding. Additionally, the Sea Lamprey Control Board has identified a number of important research questions relevant to sea lamprey control in the Great Lakes, which are available here.




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