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Lake Committees

2013 Upper Lake Meeting Presentation Videos

Lake Michigan Committee Meeting

  1. Welcome, introductions, and announcements
  2. Lake Michigan Technical Committee report
  3. Status of the Lake Michigan lower trophic food web
  4. Status of forage fishes
  5. Status of lake whitefish in Lake Michigan
  6. Salmonid Working Group update
  7. Progress toward lake trout rehabilitation
  8. Native planktivore restoration
  9. Conservation Blueprint Strategy
  10. Sea lamprey control report
  11. Asian carp update

Lake Superior Committee Meeting

  1. Introduction to Lake Superior State-of-the-Lake
  2. Nearshore and offshore ecological interactions
  3. Tracing Lake Superior’s depth-organized food web
  4. Physical processes in Lake Superior
  5. From water quality and plankton through the food web to fish: A view into Lake Superior, 2011
  6. LSTC: Zooplankton 2004/6-2011
  7. Contaminants in the Lake Superior ecosystem
  8. Status of prey fishes in Lake Superior
  9. Nearshore fishes - Cisco
  10. The importance of the larval stage to cisco recruitment variation in the Great Lakes
  11. Nearshore fishes: Lake whitefish
  12. Lake Superior inshore waters: Species rehabilitation progress
  13. Non-native salmonids in Lake Superior
  14. Inshore fish community: Aquatic invasive species
  15. Status of sea lampreys in Lake Superior
  16. Unintended consequences and trade-offs with fish passage
  17. OMNR Upper Great Lakes Management Unit: Lake Superior fish community index netting 2009-2012
  18. Lake Superior fisheries database
  19. Assessing Lake Superior's Fish Community Objectives

Upper Lakes Common Session

  1. EEDv and consideration when stocking lake trout
  2. Overview of a recent Native Fishes workshop
  3. Rehabilitating fish communities and implications for sea lamprey control
  4. Lake sturgeon survival estimates after TFM application
  5. Juvenile lake sturgeon surveys in the upper lakes
  6. Designing a climate change decision-support tool for harvest management of Great Lakes lake whitefish
  7. Michigan pilot cisco stocking effort in Lake Huron
  8. Overview of coregonid genetics
  9. Cisco truss analysis
  10. Isle Royale lake trout forms
  11. Mass marking of Chinook salmon and lake trout in the upper lakes
  12. Relationships, coercion, and rewards: The Joint Strategic Plan's tactics for cooperation

Lake Huron Committee Meeting

  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. Sea lamprey control update
  3. Status of Lake Huron preyfish populations
  4. Walleye telemetry
  5. Lake trout telemetry
  6. Status of cisco in northern Lake Huron
  7. Status of lake whitefish in the main basin
  8. Recreational harvest of native species
  9. Status of Lake Huron lake trout populations
  10. Model stock assessment of the main basin lake trout populations (presentation only)
  11. Human dimensions - Attitudes toward lake trout restoration
  12. Final comments and discussion

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Photo of fish eggs Photo: American Fisheries Society