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Lake Erie Committee - Walleye Task Group

The Walleye Task Group (WTG) consists of fisheries scientists from state, provincial, federal and university agencies conducting research on Lake Erie. The WTG is a sub-committee of the Lake Erie Committee (LEC), appointed by the LEC and addressing charges from the LEC relevant to walleye management in Lakes Erie and St. Clair and connecting waters.


The following are the charges to the WTG for the 2015-2016 work year:

  1. Maintain and update the centralized time series of datasets required for population models and assessment including:
    • Tagging and population indices (abundance, growth, maturity).
    • Fishing harvest and effort by grid.
  2. Improve existing population models to produce the most scientifically defensible and reliable method for estimating and forecasting abundance, recruitment, and mortality.
    • Explore additional recruitment indices for incorporation into catch-at-age model.
    • Explore ways to account for tag loss and non-reporting in natural mortality (M) estimates for Statistical Catch at Age modeling.
    • Explore and advise on feasibility of integrating east basin walleye assessments into lake wide management.
  3. Report Recommended Allowable Harvest (RAH) levels for 2015.
  4. Provide guidance/recommendations for future tagging strategies to the LEC.


  • Stephen Marklevitz (OMNRF) Co-Chair
  • Todd Wills (MDNR) Co-Chair
  • Megan Belore, Andy Cook, Yingming Zhao, Tom MacDougall (OMNRF)
  • Mike Hosack (PFBC)
  • Matt Faust, Ann Marie Gorman (ODNR)
  • Jason Robinson (NYSDEC)

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updated March 2015

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Photo of fish eggs Photo: American Fisheries Society